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Digital materials and permissions

Permissions for digital images and other materials found on the service vary. Check the license information for the material and follow the stated terms of use. If you use the material in public, the author and source must usually be mentioned.

If information about permissions is missing, or you are unsure about the permissions associated with the material, contact the organization responsible for the material.

The responsible parties do not own the copyright to the metadata, previews or digitized cultural heritage to which these metadata or previews refer. This information has been provided by several different institutions and organizations. The data providers have confirmed that the owners of these rights have agreed to publish their works in the applicable circumstances mentioned above. However, the responsible parties cannot guarantee that this is always the case. If you suspect that the publication of material on the site infringes your rights, you can report it by using Nuohtti’s feedback form.


Metadata available in the service may be access or use restricted. The access or use restricted metadata is withheld by the owning institutions. While many institutions featured at the service license their metadata with Creative Commons CC0 1.0, please be in contact with the relevant institution if you are unsure of the rights directed to the metadata.


The previews that are shown on the service can only be used in accordance with the rights information displayed alongside them. If there is no rights information displayed alongside a preview, these previews may only be used in accordance with the applicable copyright laws. However, if unsure, please be in contact with the relevant institution.

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Links on the service

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