About us

Nuohtti is a search service that gives you access to digitised archive materials related to Sámi culture held in several European memory organisations. For historical reasons and long-held interest in the Arctic region and Indigenous Peoples, a great number of materials of the Sámi cultural heritage are held outside the Sápmi area. You can see the institutions who have shared information about their materials with Nuohtti in this list.

Nuohtti is maintained jointly with the support of three organisations: the Sámi Archives, National Archives of Norway; the Sámi Archives, National Archives of Finland and the National Archives of Sweden.

Nuohtti was developed in the Digital Access to the Sámi Heritage Archives project (2018–2021) funded by the EU Interreg Nord programme. The partners of the project were the Sámi Archives of Finland and Sámi Archives of Norway, and the University of Lapland (lead partner), University of Oulu and University of Umeå. Read more about the project.


In the technical development of this service, the Digital Access to the Sámi Heritage Archives project was able to build on an extensive body of previous work: this included, for example, the extensive work that has gone into the development of existing search portal and search engine platforms, as well as the valuable work that has made services and resources for linguistic and geospatial data available.

In addition, the project benefited greatly from the decades of work by the GLAM sector (galleries, libraries, archives and museums) and digital heritage experts, researchers and developers in their development and consolidation of today’s digital cultural heritage infrastructure.

In particular, the Digital Access to the Sámi Heritage Archives project would like to acknowledge and thank the following parties and projects: